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Hi, I'm Caz!

I am an Energy Leadership Coach that helps young adults turn “quarter-life crises” into Transformative Thirties™.

I've earned a Masters in Social Media Marketing from the University of Florida and a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations from Florida Gulf Coast University. I help change the world, one person at a time, by serving as a digital strategist for iPEC, an international coach training school.

When I'm not speaking, coaching, or consulting- I'm creating or connecting. This can take many forms including hanging out with humans, attending Toastmasters, or crafting visual stories alongside my husband, Les, through our video production company, Gaddis Visuals.

My ultimate purpose was birthed February 2018 and includes soaking up sweet baby girl cuddles from Skylyn and empowering her to create the life of her choosing.

More About Me

What Some AWE-mazing Beings Say

  • I thoroughly enjoy working with Caz, and my business would not be where it is today if it weren't for her natural ability to coach me as a small business owner. She has helped me break through barriers, stay focused, holds me accountable, and helps me truly get out of my own way. I have worked with many coaches, and none of them have gotten me as far in my business as Caz has. Not only is she an incredible coach, but she is a kind person, who truly cares about her clients, and their ability to thrive and truly be happy in what they are doing.

    Laura Kunzie Founder and Head Coach at Mark Your Dash
  • I worked with Caz on several occasions in her capacity as an Energy Leadership Coach. Working with Caz allowed me to reflect, brainstorm and embark on a thought provoking journey to overcome my inner blocks. Her innate talent to recognize what is really holding me back and working with me in building strategies to break through those blocks has been a major milestone in my personal development journey. Her straightforward yet caring way of supporting me and holding me accountable has brought results that I wasn’t able to achieve before. I am now well on my way to achieving my personal success and I couldn’t have done it without Caz. If you want to accelerate your personal development I highly encourage you to work with Caz!

    Desiree Perez CEO & Founder Desiree Perez Coaching & Consulting
  • Working with Caz the last several months has given me the opportunity to create a strategic plan together that is helping me market my Career & Life Coaching business and my personal brand. Caz's energy and her expertise has been invaluable to me in navigating the waters of social media. Having her by my side has made what could have been a scary journey fun and enjoyable!

    Allison Field Career Design & Leadership Coach
  • Caz is a ninja at seeing the big picture and breaking it down in steps that make you feel you can actually achieve so much more than ever before. Working with Caz advanced my vision and business in ways that are hard to describe in a testimonial but I can say that as a result of our sessions together, I was able to get in tremendous momentum for my business and get paid speaking engagements, features in the Huffington post and two other publications, and engaged my following more effectively. Caz is caring, detail oriented, thorough, enthusiastic and she really cares! Cannot recommend her enough!!!

    Maru Iabichela Spiritual Prosperity Teacher
  • Working with Caz, you get the sense that her deepest desire is to see you whole and successful. She is an intuitive, focused and dedicated coach who cares very much for her clients. Working with Caz is fun, clarifying, and focusing all at once.

    Erin Kirk Certified Professional Coach (FL)


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