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The Founding Moms is an international collective of offline masterminds (the in-person exchanges) and online resources for mom entrepreneurs. {Fun fact: #TheFMC spans across 12+ countries & in 60+ cities… now, with Dallas!}

Every two weeks, we’ll get together to discuss biz building topics and mastermind how to build a better business… All while also raising our littles. We’ll explore how we’re integrating “all the things” we each are (who we are being) and all we are up to.

I am looking forward to local connection, community, and authenticity, as we build, raise, stretch, and expand.

It takes a village– to nurture a nurturing business owner.

You can RSVP for the Dallas Founding Moms Exchange via

When & Where?!

Second & Fourth Wednesday at 11 AM CST


What happens at an Exchange?

The Founding Exchange is the place for entrepreneurial women to build better businesses by meeting and supporting one another in every other week mastermind sessions. We’re invested in real time problem-solving, educating and empowering one another. We don’t sell or recruit to fellow members and this is certainly not a dressed-up business card swap. We wanna grow authentic and productive relationships that help us to make more money. So, come as you are. Bring a friend. See for yourself.

Who is the brainchild of Founding Moms?

In 2010, Jill Salzman launched The Founding Moms, the world’s first and only collective of offline masterminds and online resources for mom entrepreneurs.

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Let’s grow these businesses and babies!

Need support or have a Q? Reach out to me via email or social and let’s chat.

I’ve been in several accountability groups over the past decade. Each of those experiences has helped me grow personally or professionally. This year, I want to add to that by growing my local community of moms.

Caz Gaddis, Article featured in Collin County Moms Blog January 2020