More Than A Parent Podcast with Caz Gaddis Episode 004 Lisa Michaud

More Than A Parent E004: How To Be A GoalGetter Even In The Hot Messy Mama Moments w/ Lisa Michaud

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Meet Lisa!

Lisa Michaud is a recovering over-achieving, people-pleasing, perfectionist. Just kidding: she’s still all of those things. At the age of 27, she faced the reality she may only have one or two years left to live, and with that wake-up call, she decided to get out of her own way and make the most of the time she had left. 

While her health scare was just a scare, and she’s healthy today, that was the wake-up call Lisa needed.  She decided to stop putting her dreams on the backburner, to stop waiting until she was “ready” and start living life for herself, full on, today. 

The truth is, doing all that sounds much better on Instagram, than it does in real life, and what she discovered is that it’s a lot easier in theory than it is in practice. Lisa had to learn to get out of her own way, stop worrying about what others thought (especially her inlaws), stop trying to do #allthethings, and let go of her own expectations. Far from perfect, Lisa is still overcoming the need to achieve, be liked, and figuring out her own definition of self-worth.  

Her mission? To help other women like you stop waiting until you’re “ready,” “the right time”, or “one day.”  She’s committed to helping women around the world uncover and get over their fears so they too can live the life they want to be living if they only had a year or two left to live. 

As a success coach, speaker, host of the Goalden Girls Podcast, real estate investor, wife and mama, on any given day, you’ll find Lisa chasing both toddlers and big dreams in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

Connect with Lisa:

Lisa’s website





Lisa and her daughter, Sonoma.

In this episode…

>> A re-introduction to the show (#sorrynotsorry for my Slim Shady intro)

>> Reality-check-meets-surrender with being a mom and “all the things”

>> How having your own goals and working towards them can actually make you a better parent and better all-around person

>> Releasing mom guilt 

>> Being the living example you want your kids to have

>> Actionable goal setting tips for parents

>> AND… :: Cue the confetti :: … Grab your gift from Lisa, your very own freebie weekly planner!

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