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More Than A Parent E005: Weekly Reviews Up Your Personal Effectiveness w/ Amanda Kaufman

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Meet Amanda!

Amanda is an executive coach, speaker, wife, mother, productivity and performance nerd, and an advocate for you CRUSHing It in your own life!

Prior to formally launching her coaching practice, Amanda spent a decade as a strategist, mentor, and leader, traveling all over North America to serve her high-profile clients, all while raising a young family and pursuing several personal goals at the same time.

Amanda offers a range of performance coaching and consulting services – from individual coaching, to workshops, and keynote speeches on the subjects of personal effectiveness, leadership, and balance.

Connect with Amanda:

Amanda’s website

LinkedIn Profile

YouTube Channel

Facebook Page

Amanda and her husband, Chris, rock raising a business and family together!

In this episode…

>> Amanda’s experience with mom-shaming + mom guilt in a high-demanding and high- performance-driven career to more recent times as an entrepreneur

>> How a weekly review session can make a huge difference in your personal effectiveness – Insights from her vast experience in nerding out on all the things performance and productivity-related, plus her perspective as a parent

>> Her Weekly Review Process AND you can grab a copy for yourself, when you visit her website, here.

Download your very own Weekly Review, here, and try it out this upcoming week!

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