More Than A Parent Podcast 006 with Caz Gaddis

More Than A Parent E006: It’s our Parentversary & Skylyn’s Birth Story

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It’s me, Caz!

If this is your first time connecting with me- Hi + Welcome! I’m Caz Gaddis, host of the More Than A Parent Podcast and Founder of More Than A Parent. I have two littles of my own– Skylyn Oriana who has just turned two (Feb. 3) and a four-month-old little-big-dude named Quest D’Angelo.

I’m More Than A Parent in the sense that:

  • I intentionally do my best to be a present parent to our kiddos, Skylyn and Quest, as I am their primary caregiver.
  • I’m a supportive wife to my creative filmmaker husband, Les Gaddis who is the founder of Gaddis Visuals (a full-service video production company based in Dallas), Director of Photography, host of the Capturing Light Podcast, and film educator at Direct The Photography.
  • And, I make use of my time so that I can “Be my more. Live my and.” Whether it’s creating during their naptime, late nights, or designated ‘family work time’– I am still putting my needs as an individual in the forefront.

We are here to empower you forward as you raise your kids and rediscover yourself. Want some community with moms that ‘get it’? Join us at the More Than A Parent Collective Community, here.

In this episode…

  • I talk about the UNbecoming and BEcoming through all the seasons of motherhood, including pregnancy, birth, motherhood, plus Motherhood and {Insert your “more” here}.
  • I share 10 motherhood affirmations that we can use to remind ourselves of who we are and what’s possible for us (Check out our @MoreThanAParent Instagram share for this episode, here, for a little tool can use to support yourself whenever you need it)!
  • You can watch our birth story for Skylyn Oriana who just turned two the day of this post (February 3, 2020).

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I love and appreciate my body.

MTAP Mom Affirmations

I am doing the best I can.

MTAP Mom Affirmations

I choose who I am being in each moment.

MTAP Mom Affirmations

I am impacting the next generation by embracing this little one (these little ones) today.

MTAP Mom Affirmations

I am a present parent.

MTAP Mom Affirmations

Today, I celebrate wonder and joy alongside my family.

MTAP Mom Affirmations

It’s possible to still be me while being here for them.

MTAP Mom Affirmations

My thoughts, feelings, and the words I speak create both my energy and my reality.

MTAP Mom Affirmations

It’s okay to fill myself up first so that I can serve from my overflow.

More Than A Parent Mom Affirmations by Caz Gaddis

I am willing to ask for help AND I still got this! 

MTAP Mom Affirmations

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