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More Than A Parent E008: The Dad Side + how we tag-team being More Than A Parent w/ Les & Caz Gaddis

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Meet Les! (aka the love of my life)

Les Gaddis is a masterful Director of Photography (that’s from me, not something he would say about himself). He’s been a cinematographer for over 20 years – since his young teen years helping in his dad’s video and photo business in New Orleans.

Les is credited with work on feature films, shorts, national commercials, music videos, documentaries, and a few international TV shows. He is the host of the Capturing Light podcast, where he helps educate filmmakers on the process of filmmaking. Among podcast guests, he’s had DP’s from Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Emmy winner Production designer, Amy Williams, for Master of None.

He is a proud and present dad to our two kiddos, Skylyn and Quest, and a beyond awe-mazing best friend of 10 years and husband of 8 years, of many, many, more decades to come. When Les isn’t on set as a Director of Photography or coloring a video project, he is spending time with his family (or tagging in so I can run off to an event or mama-time-away), creating or researching new content for his membership site, playing some weird soccer-ball-moved-by-giant-cars video game, or studying new dad joke material.

Connect with Les:

Check out Les’ Gaddis Visuals website

His cinematic Instagram @LesGaddis

If you’re a cinematographer or want to dabble, listen to Les’ Capturing Light Podcast + join his Cinematographer Community to connect and learn.

Les’ Capturing Light Podcast website is pretty spiffy to look at too! Lots of clips from the DP he interviews captured, lighting plots and other visual storytelling goodies.

Want to learn more about filmmaking? Check out Direct The Photography!

Les’ YouTube Channel

Les on LinkedIn

Les’ Pinterest

Gaddis Visual’s Corporate and Commercial Reel

Gaddis Visual’s Cinematic Reel (Narratives aka short and feature films)

In this episode…

>> So, I think it’s important to share that we filmed this episode in the literal middle of the night (almost 1 am) as we wanted to capture a time where the kiddos were sleeping. Beyond that fact, we were both exhausted even more as Les had been on various film and commercial sets for the last 9 days straight. Needless to say- it wasn’t our most energetic versions of ourselves– but we showed up. We hope some of what he shares or we share resonates and supports you!

>> While Les has been a filmmaker for over 20 years, he went out as a full-time creative entrepreneur back in 2017. He shares some of that experience and the challenges with us both being parentpreneurs

>> Les shares his perspective on becoming a dad. He also talks about his own journey with being More Than A Parent, from a dad’s perspective. And, yes, dad guilt is real too.

>> Cinematography related- Les is offering a peek into his grip kit for when he’s on set. If you’re interested in it, here’s his grip kit.

>> We share what is working for us as we both are growing our businesses and raising kiddos. Plus, things to consider if you are thinking about doing this.

>> Les talks about a few things we can try to keep the love flowing as spouses amidst the everyday life and biz demands. For us, it’s an “after 10 years together, 2 kids, several biz ventures in and lots of “life” has come at us, this is what helps us stay grounded in our love’s foundation…”

>> Plus, we talk about a new thing we tried that now we’ve committed to doing once a quarter. A game-changer for us!

THIS was the first time I ever was on set– our first month dating he “invited me” to come to set and watch him. Yet little did I know I would be put to work is special effects. And here we are now, ten years in and countless productions in! He tells people he was TESTING ME! LOL!

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Links mentioned in this episode:

Les lets us peek into what’s all in his grip kit for when he’s on set. Here’s his grip kit.

Direct The Photography

Gaddis Visual’s Corporate and Commercial Reel

Gaddis Visual’s Cinematic Reel (Narratives aka short and feature films)

The Capturing Light Podcast

That commercial Quest had a cameo in

Les’ YouTube Channel


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