Motherhood is the hardest hood …
and add in building a business? 

...Yeah, you need your people. 🤪

Join the community you've always needed. Build healthy businesses and families with flow.

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You can’t silo motherhood and business.

Even though society wants us to try to. 

We don’t have to choose between motherhood and business — in fact, you can create an intentional life and structure your business however you want it to look. 

(I promise you this is true, even though it may not feel like it right now.) 

Here’s the deal — for too long women have been sold the lie that you can’t be a good mother and be: 

→ ambitious

→ driven

→ career- or business-minded

… or simply dare to want more in addition to motherhood. 

Well, let me tell you this again: this is a false construct. It’s a framework built by a society that doesn’t prioritize your humanity and well, it’s time out for all the BS, okay? 

*hops off soapbox* 

You are more than a mother. You’re truly and really limitless.

But creating your audacious truth and living it? Well, mama, we all need some help from time to time. 

That’s where the Raising a Kid and a Biz Members Club comes in. 

The Raising a Kid and a Biz Members Club is the community you’ve been needing all your life.  

(Or... at least since becoming a mama!)

With the Raising a Kid and a Biz Members Club, you’ll get access to a rockstar community of moms-slash-business owners who get it. 

Moms who know the unique challenge of: 

  • Fielding client calls while dealing with the stomach flu in their littles

  • Homeschooling a rowdy group of kids while also building their business during nap time and nighttime 

  • Planning a pregnancy while also planning some type of maternity leave in your own business

… and all the other challenges that come along with being a mother and being in business. 

It takes a village to raise a child … and it takes a village to raise your business. 

Well, girl, consider us your tribe. 

A tribe that is on a similar journey and knows the importance of aligning your mom and biz life (and yes I mean alignment, because we all know ‘balance’ is BS).

It’s about finding techniques to honor the whole you so you’re able to make an impact from a place of abundance, not exhaustion. You can’t always be in ‘doing’ and you’re never just ‘being’ in life.

At the end of the day, you can only do what you can do … and that is perfect! Everything else is extra and this tribe supports each other to make that attainable. So we can all take the next step up the spiral staircase, whatever your next step may be.

We all are each figuring out how to make all the sides of your life flow forward so that you can be a higher performer on your own terms.

There's two ways we can play together.
Which feels most supportive for you?

You can get business and life coaching
in a lot of places, but does it flow

With the Raising a Kid and a Biz Membership Club, it’s not just a group program. 

It’s not just a business incubator. 

It’s more than that — just like you’re more than a mom. 

It’s a place to finally get the coaching you need to build an energetically aligned business and life that meets you where you are at any given point in time.

‘Cause here’s the reality: Success — in #momlife or in biz — isn’t linear. 

🎤 *insert mic drop here*

And any business program or life coaching program or group coaching program that you join should recognize and support this knowledge. 

(But many of them don’t.) 

Here’s how we do it at Raising a Kid and a Biz. 

We call our method The Forward-Flow Up. Everyone is on the spiral staircase headed up, but not everyone is at the same step...and that’s okay! This Forward Flow-Up Framework allows you to take the next step, no matter what stage of forward progress you’re at. Our system makes sure you are living from a place of replenished energy and awareness instead of a place of exhaustion. That you’re giving yourself grace and working self-care into your busy, daily routine. That you take time to align all aspects of your life to make it feasible to have the highest productivity possible. 

You get to have your cake and eat it too. 

No matter what anyone would have you believe. Let’s enjoy a few slices together. 

Different stages. Different phases. That’s the constant in this thing called life (and business).

When you join the Members Club, you’ll quickly see that all of us understand that. But it doesn’t mean that we always remember this truth. 

When you’re feeling low energy, your Club-mates will be there to boost you up

When you’re feeling on top of the world with a win, we’ll be there to cheer you on, too. 

Through the peaks and pits, we’re there to be a real support system you can rely on in this crazy mom-biz life.

Safe and supported: That’s how I want you to feel in the Raising a Kid and a Biz Members Club.

So here’s how to know if you’ll get the most out of your time. If you’re … 

→ wanting to connect with other mom entrepreneurs without judgment

→ open to doing the internal work vs passively consuming the content 

→ looking for a real community to grow together in motherhood and business 

Then I’d love to have you join, mama! I think we’d vibe. Let’s try it, shall we?

Join the Raising a Kid and a Biz Members Club and get on-demand + live resources when you need them.

We’re moms. We’re business owners. We’re freakin’ busy. So who has the flexibility in their schedule to fit in a lot of meetings that may or may not really benefit you? (Not I. Not you either.) 

So the Raising a Kid and a Biz Membership Club was built for you by a mom just like you. 

Visual calendar of our monthly flow. Details, below.

The Club (Level 1) Calendar

The Club's *Rise Up!* (Level 2) Calendar

  • Week 1: Gameplan. We review the last month and create the new month gameplan you desire. Make some new connections through the M.I.L.F. Biz Mixer the first Wednesday of each month. A new epsisode drops in our private podcast with what's coming up this month, too!
  • Week 2: Explore. Get curious with the self-paced exploration and resource on the month's theme. Check out the Experts & Experiences sprinkled in throughout the month for tutorials, tips, and new things to try on.
  • Week 3: Connect. Join our members-only virtual mixer to chat with other moms in business then break out into small groups to brainstorm together. It's a great time to "see" club members to build both community and future collaborations.
  • Week 4: Slay & Play. WERK with us in our themed sprint -- think mini-workshop meets inspired action. We'll start with teaching a strategy, workflow or concept and then WERK IT through timed sprints so you can get right into trying it on.

Live Sessions (so you can connect with each other)

On-Demand Resources (access when you want them)

And when you register this month, get access to our Month's Exclusives, including business how-to's and wellness activity sessions via:

 *Note: Month Exclusives, including Experts and Experience bonuses, are only available if you join the present month they are offered.
Unless you are a Founding Member and get the complete content vault unlocked!

Hey, I’m Caz and I want to help you
go from “fine” to flow.  

Here’s my wish for you: That you’ll recognize your amazingness, gift yourself grace every day, and follow the passion that lights you up. 

It’s a big wish, I know. But it’s not impossible. 

My job is to help ambitious mom entrepreneurs to boost their mental energy with tools to nurture their identity and impact so they feel centered, clear and confident. 

The vehicle I use to do that? The Raising a Kid and a Biz Members Club is the starting point to this work.

I’m an ICF-Certified Professional Coach specializing in Core Energy, Life Purpose and Transition; a keynote speaker; a holistic brand strategist with a master’s in communications, specializing in social media marketing.

All that’s fancy talk for me saying, “I know my stuff.” 

And I know I can help you build the life you want. The life you deserve — no questions asked. 

You can have your kids and live your best life, too. Come join other moms in business who are making this a reality, too. 

Love you. Mean it. 


Now is all we ever have, mama.
Let's do this together!

LEVEL UP! Includes Club + *live* guided coworking sessions weekly + monthly group coaching call.

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