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You are More Than a mom. If you choose to be.

Do you have a thriving business but in today’s topsy-turvy world struggle with being there for your family and business, much less yourself?

Maybe many of your mom friends are not as driven as you and yet your non-parent ambitious friends can't relate to  the challenges of mom life?

Are you doing your best but you still feel like it isn’t good enough?

Are you wanting to look for ways to use your brain again- outside of parenting? 

Have you been wanting to find a way back to the 'that girl' that liked how she felt and knew what she wanted for herself? Would 'that girl' want you to keep waiting X-number more years till the kids are in school first? 

Do you feel like there’s just something inside that’s missing and you're not sure how to get it back?

Can you really have it all and still be a mom?

I get it.

I've been there both personally and professionally. Mom guilt, comparison, imposter syndrome, feeling all the hot messy mama moments, debating my productivity, questioning my identity, and wondering when was the last time that I actually washed my hair...

 You can still take imperfect yet perfect-for-you action towards WHO and where you want to be.

You deserve to be happy, to feel whole, and LIT UP by who *you choose* to become and the impact YOU can make -- both in and out of your home. Beyond being a mom.

We are More Than A Parent. And, you DON'T have to go on this journey alone. You. Are. Not. Alone.

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Join our Members Club for your whole self-care and energetic mental wellness so you can 
rediscover yourself as an individual, not just as a mom, creative, or entrepreneur. 

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 Motherhood is the real-est hood of all the hoods! 🤣 

And, you don't have to go through it feeling alone and unsupported.

More Than U is a Members Club for women who want to
live MORE, create MORE, impact MORE.

It's a collaborative community where you will be CHALLENGED, CHAMPIONED, and CELEBRATED along the way as we venture through the seasons of motherhood and thrive in our "other"hoods. As individuals, creatives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.  

In just 20-minutes a week you can feel more empowered and energized in how you engage in your life- both professional and personally. We’ll focus on your whole self-care and energetic wellness as the multi-dimensional being you are! 

My name is Caz and I'm your Personal Power coach! 
I'm a certified professional coach focused on core energy, life transitions, and creating your living legacy. I get lit up when I help moms, like you and I, to overcome limitations and fully live your intentional life of impact! That looks different for each of us yet regardless if you are a stay at home mama or a working mom- it's all about energy wellness, whole self-care, and integration. 
*THIS* is what I mean by personal power.

You'll receive these all-member benefits:

PLUS, these Founding Member bonuses:

Get 2 free months with the annual plan!

Each month's theme is split into snackable-sized weekly content
in the member's area. 
We know #momlife means your time and attention are hot commodities. 

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More Than U Founder and Professional Coach, Caz Gaddis

  • Week 1: Video Masterclass with MP3 and transcripts. Topics range from energy leadership, high performance and productivity, mindset, mindfulness, etc. - with the lens of being a mom and More Than U can yet imagine
  • Week 2: Resource. Like a playbook, printable, meditation, or mindful practice.
  • Week 3: Explore. An activity quest, or challenge themed on the month’s focus.
  • Week 4: Experience. Monthly Live group coaching

"You can have your kids
& live (your best) life, too."

I am so STOKED to create this space with you! I GET IT. It's beyond-words-challenging raising kiddos and creating space for you (to rediscover, rebirthing, or nurture yourself). Not to mention the added layers of raising a business, message, or heart-centered cause. 

Unlike most, I never wanted nor envisioned having kids. The responsibility and selflessness scared me! More on this in episode 1 of the More Than A Parent Podcast. While this is the most twisty-turny rollercoaster ride- it's the most AWEmazing life experience. I would not be who I am today without having become a mom to Skylyn (2.5y) and Quest (10m). 

More Than U was birthed through my own desires as I witnessed myself becoming a mother and the unbecoming of 'me'. I was exhausted, going-through-the-motions, yet wanting to hold space for my identity and impact outside of my growing family.

If you are reading this, IT'S NOT COINCIDENCE. You likely have had this inkling within yourself that's telling you there IS Something MORE. Becoming a mom has been the most REAL, RAW, and Rewarding role I'll ever have *and* I also get to actively create what I want for me. 

You can be there for them, by being there for YOU. Your energy, your engagement, your capacity for MORE personally and professionally expands when you choose YOUI hope you join us in rediscovering yourself and leading from your personal power as a mom and as More Than A Parent!

Caz Gaddis | Founder of More Than U
Personal Power Coach, CPC, ELI-MP

Cassandra Caz Gaddis More Than A Parent
Caz Gaddis Family
Caz Gaddis Coaching Group

Katy Miller

Social Strategist & Mom Of Two Miller Social

I had so many ideas and plans but not a clear direction. I wanted to collaborate with other like minded people to grow my business and feel supported as a Mom in business.  

Caz has provided so many great resources for me from tools to use for business to ideas for organizing thoughts. She has encouraged me to continue growing my business even when “mom life” gets overwhelming. Laughing through our business adventures and the community she provides is exactly what I look for when I'm feeling lost in the land of motherhood.


I know I have someone in my corner who will celebrate my wins and help me navigate the frustrations and losses. She pushes you in a gentle and necessary way to move forward. 


I remember first meeting Caz and feeling a different kind of positive energy from her. She is someone I wanted to learn from and collaborate with in business and as a friend.  She can provide a whole picture approach to motherhood that not a lot of people offer. Being able to understand your season of life and figure out next steps is something that the membership will provide for moms at any stage.

Michelle Roux

Working Mom Of Two Toddlers & Masters Student

I was in a complete overhaul of life as I knew it. I was stepping into SAHM life from an extremely focused career. Now as a mother of two and completely relocated to a state with no friends or family, to support my husband's career goals at the time. I was in a rut. I didn't find as much joy in being a SAHM, my husband left the country for his job, and I was losing myself in the never-ending groundhog’s day.

Working with Caz really helps draw out the areas where there seems too much pressure and not enough exploration. Caz’s consult encouraged me to have self-compassion. I jotted a note from our discussion, “frustration creates judgement”, and I reference it frequently to keep life in perspective. Even when life is messy, it’s still very beautiful. Caz reframed this place, these moments, I felt very stuck in; but with her reminding me to stay open and curious I’ve unapologetically launched into my life’s work.


While I am a very strategic person in general, because with two kids barely school-age I have enough surprises; I really do tend to stand in my own way. I’m not a risk taker. That being said, I took a controlled risk and went back to school as a part-time employee and full-time student at a community college. Even with an extensive resume and a bachelor’s under my belt, attending a large university felt intimidating. And within that one fall semester, my entire life changed. Not only did my network explode, but I felt in control of my life for the first time in months. By March of the next year I had applied and been accepted to a top-rated Master’s of Social Work program that reignited that passion.


You don’t have to be “ready”; although you can benefit a lot more from her time and talents if you are. Her approach truly navigates your ambivalence. She pulls out key details that you may not even be aware of projecting into the conversation. She brings them to your attention, gathers input on what your goals are, and whether or not they are in line or challenging each other. Her personality, demeanor, and work ethic really enhance the entire process, she’s a wonderful soul and a dedicated professional.


The wealth of support and knowledge is paramount. Additionally, there are extensive resources to utilize no matter where you feel you’re at on this journey. She’s extremely responsive to the needs of her clients and is always working to improve services or network unique opportunities for the community. Having a professional who not only has the education and experience to support the community, but relishes in her passion to meet her clients where they’re at and help them enhance their life-long learning.

Jacqueline Shannon

Boy Mom x2 & Bradley Method Instructor

Caz is an amazing person with a genuine spirit.  Her infectious laugh will immediately put you at ease and be able to exhale.  She has a true passion for helping others and taking care of building up others to reach their potential.  Her Laughter Yoga sessions release tension with fun and joy.  Caz has a positivity like no other and a love of learning in depth!!!! 

So, let's recap because #MomLife and #MomBrain are real, especially as your wear a bunch of other hats...

$5,000+ a year in total value!
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Let's Get You On The Front-Burner.  

You are More Than A Parent and deserve  a life where you feel connected to yourself, confident, fully-expressed, and empowered to live the life that wants to be lived through you. 

The Members Club experience is crafted to support moms as we ebb and flow through life’s demands and the seasons of motherhood, while rebirthing ourselves as individuals.

Invest in yourself. You are worth it.


So, you have some questions?

I'm the 👑 Queen of Questions. 😆

Here are our FAQs. If you don't see your question here, book a virtual coffee and let's chat. You can also email me at Support@CazGaddis.com

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already overwhelemed with life. What is the time commitment to this?

I'm a working mom, is this really for me?

What if I have questions still?

Where does the magic happen?

How do I know if I am being successful?

Who is Caz Gaddis & Why is she creating this?

What is your refund policy?


You are More {Insert-The-Awesome} Than U know yet!

There's a lot of goodness that was just covered and it's all for YOUR best benefit. Just know that you will be highly supported and have a global girl gang to be both inspired by and accountable with. Plus, a passionate coach and special guest experts to help you along the way as you #MomLife + More!

  • Accountability & Collaboration
  • Whole Self-Care
  • More Mental Energy & Clarity
  • Professional Group Coaching
  • Personal Development & Mindset
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Meditations & Visualizations 
  • Safe-Space Community of Moms
  • More Confidence 


... Do I really have time to do anything else?

This wasn't created for you to have to add more to your already full plate.
It's a space to BE and to come for what you need, when you need it. 

Everything is intentionally designed to be quick, easy, and super accessible so you can plug in and be on your way. We are right there with you and know your time and attention are hot commodities. Invest in your future self in as little as 20 minutes a week.

Don't you deserve a 20-minute break in your week JUST FOR YOU!?!

... Should I really invest in this? 

Sometimes it can feel weird to spend on ourselves and I get that our finances may feel like they are wearing Spanx this year, but you are worth it. This investment in yourself is you saying "YES!" to being the example you want to be for your kids when you tell them they can 'be anything they want to be'.

This is a way to plant the seeds that you will reap as your future self. If anything, look at it this way: You are getting the best deal there will ever be and get to continue to enjoy the savings (as long as your membership stays in good standing). 

For the dollars you'd spend on a dinner with friends or a pedi, you can get a full month of personal growth, community, and group coaching. And the effects will last a life-time!

What is it costing you to not have dedicated support as you take a real look at where you are and where you want to go?

What can be possible for you with mindset checkins and  accountability?

... I'm already friends with some moms, in a women's group at church, or in a bunch of free Facebook mom groups- what's the difference? 

Those are all good AND this is different. Casual friendship, bits of inspiration, and random posts in a free social group are good but they are not designed to move you forward with mindset, accountability, intentional experiences all month long.

Consider this the gap filler-- you have those other resource groups in your life for certain moments -- and More Than U is the support, connections, and actionable motivation to get you by in all the time inbetween those instances. Allow More Than U and me, Caz, to stand in the gap for you! 

Imagine how it would feel like to have the resources and people to support you when you need it, at anytime in the month.

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