Ain't no hood like entrepreneurial motherhood.

... We get to ✨Live Our And✨ NOW. 

Join the high-touch mastermind that empowers the YOU-side in motherhood & business.

Reheat or get more coffee ☕️ then fill out the application.
We'll review & reach out with next steps.  
We open semi-annually each January and July.

You can’t silo motherhood and business.

You get to BE your whole Self. 

There's two ways we can play together.
Which feels most supportive for you?

You can join a bunch of business masterminds, but will it holistically empower the YOU-side of
both business AND mom/life? 

Momentous Mastermind is a place to finally get the strategic coaching (+ accountability, yay!) you need to build an energetically aligned business and life that meets you where you are at any given point in time. 

‘Cause here’s the reality: Success — in #momlife or in biz — isn’t linear. 

🎤 *insert mic drop here*

And any business program or life coaching program or group coaching program that you join should recognize and support this knowledge. 

(But many of them don’t.) 

Here’s how we do it at Raising a Kid and a Biz, and specifically in Momentous Mastermind. 

We call our method The Forward-Flow Up. Everyone is on the spiral staircase headed up, but not everyone is at the same step...and that’s okay! This Forward Flow-Up Framework allows you to take the next step, no matter what stage of forward progress you’re at. Our system makes sure you are living from a place of replenished energy and awareness instead of a place of exhaustion. That you’re giving yourself grace and working self-care into your busy, daily routine. That you take time to align all aspects of your life to make it feasible to have the highest productivity possible. 

Add to this, Caz' take on holistic high-performance principles (spoiler alert - they come from a place of genuine desire and alignment, not from exhaustion and 'should'ing all over ourselves):

Different stages. Different phases. That’s the constant in this thing called life (and business).

When you join Momentous - as a Sparkler or Blazer - we will be venturing right alongside you in this game of life. 

When you’re feeling low energy, Momentous members will be there to boost you up

When you’re feeling on top of the world with a win, we’ll be there to cheer you on, too. 

Through the peaks and pits, we’re there to be a real support system you can rely on in this crazy mom-biz life.

Visual of our monthly Momentous flow

Hey, I’m Caz and I want to help you
go from “fine” to flow.  

Here’s my wish for you: That you’ll recognize your amazingness, gift yourself grace every day, and follow the passion that lights you up. 

It’s a big wish, I know. But it’s not impossible. 

My job is to help ambitious mom entrepreneurs to boost their mental energy with tools to nurture their identity and impact so they feel centered, clear and confident. 

The vehicle I use to do that? The Raising a Kid and a Biz Members Club is the starting point to this work. Momentous is THE WERK. I hope this resonates within you and that you join us, mama!! ☕️ 

I’m an ICF-Certified Professional Coach specializing in Core Energy, Life Purpose and Transition; a keynote speaker; a holistic brand strategist with a master’s in communications, specializing in social media marketing.

All that’s fancy talk for me saying, “I know my stuff.” 

And I know I can help you build the life you want. The life you deserve — no questions asked. 

You can have your kids and live your best life, too. Come join other moms in business who are making this a reality, too. 

Love you. Mean it. 


☕️ Reheat or get more coffee  then fill out the application.
We'll review & reach out with next steps.  
We open semi-annually each January and July.