MomMe 001: 4 Ways To Embrace Your Personal Freedom And Still Be A Mom

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Today’s July 4th and the day we get the par-tay started with this daily adventure towards 365-days of MomMe posts on my perspectives as a MomMe.

But first– Why do I keep saying MomMe?

MomMe is being your full self. Being a Mom and being ‘Me’ as in you, lol. Being YOU as an individual person with their own thoughts, dreams, goals, and wants– outside of being a mom.

When we are being MomMe we feel more whole, more validated, more empowered.

Plus- I hope that the next time your kiddo calls you “mom” or “mommy” you are also reminded that you are MomMe.

… I mean, they say it enough times, might as well find empowerment in it. Am I right?!

They are chanting you on, girl! LOL.

Personal Freedom… as a mom and as More Than A Parent

What is personal freedom? If you were to Google it you’d find a bunch of stuff on civil liberties. For our use today and anything you find I write or speak about– personal freedom is your right and choice to claim yourself in your life.

As moms we have so much that we are juggling and so many ways we are serving others. Being aware of your right to personal freedom may sound silly, but whether we are making the choice to actually live and feel that personal freedom– that’s where it may stop feeling as silly.

So many moms that I’ve spoken to or coached share how overwhelmed they feel, how they don’t know themselves anymore or don’t have time to
–fill in the blank– like they’d want to, or have emotions about / resentment in that –fill in the blank–.

Personal freedom is a choice. And it starts with awareness.

4 Ways You Can Embrace Your Personal Freedom

1. Become aware of what personal freedom is to you and how you would want that to look/feel like in your life right now. Then see how your vision of personal freedom measures how you’re actually living.

2. Make a list of your non-negotiables. What are your must-haves in your daily routine, self-care rituals, or in a given week? Choose one or two of these to start incorporating in your day. If you already feel like you are– look at the days where life happens and those must-haves get put on hold. How can you still make them happen in a different way when plan B, C, or D come into place?

3. Ask yourself, “What do I want to experience today?” Intention is everything. Then look for ways to make that happen, share it with your significant other or a friend to partner with you in helping it come to be (if needed), or be open to having the Universe surprise-and-delight you.

4. Make playful moments out of making decisions. It can be safe and totally okay to make a decision for yourself without thinking of what anyone else wants, needs, or may think. Am I the only person that feels indecisive at times– mostly because I think of what my husband or kids may want– before what I may want? It gets to be such a pattern that indecision can leak into other areas of your life– even when no one else is involved in the question at hand. How can you flex your decision-making skills and make it playful-like to make a decision?

What will it feel like when you let your freedom ring?!

What will be possible then?

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