MomMe 003: Facing Your Self With Grace

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I was interviewed for a virtual summit for parents late last week and I was asked how we can get ‘past’ this season with COVID and it’s many challenges- especially for working parents and family dynamics.

I said we don’t.
We don’t get past it, we must go through it.

If we do not lean into the uncomfortable bits and experiences within the full experience, we will not fully graduate from it.

Basically– you ever wonder how you seem to keep getting a certain type of friend or significant other? Time after time, different person but similar traits. Maybe you even wonder if it’s you?

In many ways it might be you. Something about your energy or your beliefs continues to attract a certain type of person.

The Universe tends to have lessons for us and until we “get it” by going through it, those lessons may repeat themselves.

Really Seeing 2020

Think about 2020 and your experience of it– have you tried to go past it or have you been going through it to get to the other side?

What has this year been like for you?

What challenges have you had? Where did you fail or feel failed in?

Where did you rise and meet the need?

What did you think or do in those moments?

Have you truly acknowledged your resilience and resourcefulness yet? Now is a good time. I can wait 🙂

How have you celebrated yourself? If you haven’t yet– how can you celebrate yourself now?

Look at the adversity and look at your responses to it along the way. Just observe without judgment.
Give yourself grace, mama.

We are built so masterfully as moms. We are able to think surpassed the moment and plan, forsee, anticipate. We are also able to miss out on moments because we are always thinking of what’s next. What needs to be done? Who needs me?

In this moment you have the opportunity to tune in to yourself and what you’ve felt. What you’ve gone through. What you’ve survived and other things you have thrived in.

We each are doing the best we can with what we have and what we know.

Facing My Self

In other non-Covid related topics… I’ve gained weight ya’ll.

Like bunches. There is literally SO much of me to love right now. 🤣… 😲

I am weighing the most I have ever weighed. Like… when I met Les 10 years ago- I am 100 pounds more. 🤯

We were such kids! Te he he

It’s not a vanity issue. I’ve been ‘more to love’ sized for most of my life. It’s a health-thing and a desire to be at a certain level of activity for our kiddos, feel most firey in my relationship with Les, and feel good in how my body feels for me.

So last week I spent time with myself. Faced myself– all my thoughts, fears, and had some real talk me-a-me. I came up with some things I want to start incorporating for phase 1 of recreating how I want to feel. I will drink more water, start to make better choices in what I eat/drink, and start walking an hour a day 5x a week.

Today I took my first full-hour walk and enjoyed self-reflection as I listened to a book on Audible. I recruited Les to partner with me in making this goal happen for me. He has the kids when I go for my daily walk and I put myself on the front burner.

Every Great Journey Has It’s Start. Today Is Mine. Yours Can Be, Too!
[Also, it was freaking hot. And just moderately walking today felt like an uphill blister-filled journey– but I did it! You can too- whatever your “journey” is.]

Grace & Self-Awareness

And through it all I am MARVELED at my body’s strength, fleixbility, and pure magic in carrying two healthy babies over the past three years.

I held space for myself with grace through this entire conversation with myself- from the awareness of the weight gain (feeling how my body felt even before stepping on the scale), my body image over the decades, to the real challenges in reaching my health goals now after two kiddos.

I had to find more grace and give myself that, too– because things can still come up to pause what my intentions are from becoming actions. And it’s up to me to gracefully hold myself accountable in those moments.

The grace comes in handy the more awareness you continue to build of yourself. There is something so powerful when you find
yourself in the capable hands of grace and self-awareness.

I wish you an extra helping of grace and awareness.

Wherever you find yourself as you read this, I hope you know that I know that you got this. Even in the moments where it may feel like you don’t.
You do. We do.

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