MomMe 004: You Can Have Your Kids & Live (Your Best) Life, Too.

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Why do I say, “You Can Have Your Kids & Live (Your Best) Life, Too”?

I created this phrase, dare I say momtra affirmation for me and you.

Here’s what I mean by it.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, I thought a video would best explain this.

Video Trancription:

Good evening, I hope that you guys are doing well. Happy Tuesday evening, coming to you from my play space for my daughter, I actually just rearranged it today I want to show you really quick, there’s a lot of empty space here because we just bought a trampoline, and it comes on Thursdays, I’m super excited to have her get some energy out. Anybody else can relate to that.

And so I have a little kitchen here and some learning resources here and houses and that kind of jazz, and then it opens up into our living room. And then I have an area for the baby here. And then actually, you guys want to continue looking around. There’s my office space. It’s like legit in the middle of my house. So why am I showing you this? I feel like this is like MTV Cribs. Do you remember that show? And I used to love that show, actually. So anyway, I wanted to give you a quick tour around impromptu actually I wasn’t intending to do that.

But it relates to What I’m sharing with you tonight, which is why I say, you can have your kids and live your best life too. And the reason for that is I don’t know, how you have felt during your whole motherhood journey. But there came a time right before I actually had kids, where I was wondering how things were gonna change. And I was afraid of actually having kids because I was afraid of stopping living my life or Yeah, I was afraid of having that pause. And I know a lot of moms sometimes wait till their kids go to school, right? And that’s totally cool. If that works for them.

Then there’s also some moms that wait till their kids go off to school, like off to college, and then it’s like the empty nester, you know, situation. And then it’s trying to rediscover who you are after 18 plus years. There’s no judgment and any of that, but the reason I’m coming to you with that right now is because I don’t believe that we have to wait. I think it’s a choice. Wait, but sometimes, and here’s where like I come in.

Sometimes it’s an unconscious choice, and you end up waiting. And you end up just kind of being on autopilot, on being there for everybody else but yourself. I have a really great friend of mine and her daughter just went off into her next stage, you know, and as far as college and she’s actually doing some other things before going to college, but she’s out of the house. And my friend is now looking at like, what’s next for her and like, Who is she? Because she didn’t realize that for all those years, she gave all of her to her kids.

Again, nothing wrong with that. I mean, we’re here to nurture them and support them. But it’s totally possible to support yourself along the way too and to live your best life at that time as well. And so, I share that with you today because you’ll probably hear me say that if you haven’t already, I share it on every podcast and all the virtual summits that I been on as well because an in-person because I truly believe we can totally live our best life now there’s no need to wait unless you’re choosing to wait. And there’s some other things going on.

Even if how you live your best life looks different now. It could still be a phase of it, right? You can be in phase one. As long as you feel like you’re having some intention, and some say in how you’re living, you’re going to start feeling energetically better. And what does that do that makes you a better mom, that makes you a better partner. If you have a significant other. It makes you show up differently in the work that you do, whether it’s for someone or for yourself, energetically I invite you tonight to just explore

Are you truly living your best life in this moment, right like the best possible in this moment and that best that definition of best is totally up to you what that looks like. And there’s no you know, like when you Think of like the American dream, the white picket fence and all this. Like there’s none of that in this is are you feeling fulfilled? Are you feeling fully expressed? Are you feeling validated and that you have whatever is a big value to you? Like maybe it’s contributing outside the home and inside the home?

Are you giving yourself ways to do that? So there’s all these different questions that you can explore that we can explore together as well. And but just wanted to share with you my thoughts on that because you may be aware you may not be I have a nine-month-old because I just literally fed him so like mom hair I knew that was going on, but then like this thing he was pulling on me. So then I have a nine-month-old and I have a two and a half-year-old and hence getting the trampoline to like get some of the energy out because today was a day.

And so I share that with you because this season in my area of parenting right now of motherhood. And my season of motherhood. And each season has its own thing, right? They’re all blessings, and they all have their own challenges. This season is definitely when they’re so young, and they’re so dependent. I could totally have chosen to not be showing up the way that I am with you. And it’s not even it’s totally for you. But it’s not even, like, it started off because I needed to make sure that I still had something outside of them, you know. And then for me to be serving and sharing this space with you, is like what drives me literally every day, I think of you guys all the time.

And so now with this new blog project, I’m always thinking of what can I share that can support you can be real also for my life, and that can get you like to the next level of what you want to be showing up as, so anywho with a nine-month-old and a two and a half-year-old, and things are crazy, like nothing is easy in being a mother, right

You can totally choose and look for ways to have more ease into it. Right very easy. In it, but it’s constantly a choice. It’s an intention. And so I choose and I hope that you, especially if you’re part of this community, as you all are, I hope that you’re choosing yourself as well because it doesn’t mean that you’re not choosing them. It just means that you’re making sure you’re on the burner, you’re on the front burner, in order for you to give from your overflow. Instead of giving from exhaust right, instead of being exhausted in exhaustion, and only being able to serve exhaust. So when you have your kids and live your best life to that’s when that ultimate feeling of like cool, like things, are in progress. Things are going forward. And I’m going forward. Right?

So I love you guys. I hope that this Yeah, I hope that this serves you. I hope that this brings up things for you to explore to appreciate it. Appreciate to acknowledge about yourself and guests. What if something’s not where you want it to be right now? That’s freakin perfect.

You know why? Because now you are aware of it and you have a chance and a choice to make. So let me know what you think about this. I don’t have a blog post yet because I decided to come to you guys live. So I will have a blog post about this and a little bit. But yeah, wanted to share that with you guys. Um, have a good night And guess what, it’s almost Wednesday.

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