MomMe 005: 1 tip to try weekly to join me in singing, “All WE do is win, win, win. No matter what!”

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As you know– motherhood is the realiest hood of them all.

But… is real recognizing real?

For real though— are you taking the time to recognize yourself, self-reflect, and celebrate?

This goes past the feel goods (though those are always great!), this is a must for ultimate gratitude, confidence, awareness, and can become a big empowerment boost. It IS EVIDENCE to support what we’ve all known all along… YOU. ARE. AWE-SOME!!!

While I am an ‘elder millennial’ mama… Bust those ‘trophy needing’ judgments. This is so needed.

This isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must-have and you deserve to give yourself a high-five.

Video Transcription:

Hey, Happy Thursday, almost Happy Wednesday night Thursday Eve wanted to share with you some things I’ve been going live every day in my personal Facebook group for moms. I’ll tag it here if you want to join me it’s called more than a parent collective. And we’ve been talking about different things to put yourself as a mom on the front burner.

I just took a hot bath or shower Actually, I did a- I don’t even know how many miles it was- it was like an hour walk and so that was earlier and I just felt like I needed to do this but anyway, so coming to you fully just take a shower and that’s a mom when right there I’m just saying and but I wanted to come and share it to you share with you.

What will make you feel like you’re winning no matter what’s going on. So for me, over the last, I would say probably three to four years on and off. Now, way more consistently, so Definitely over the last year, I’ve been keeping tabs of all of my wins during the day, and making a list that I add to in a Google Doc each week. So as you have the wins, or as you reflect on the past week, grab a Google Doc, grab a notepad on your phone, and just start jotting down what were the wins that week, that could be professional, they can be personal, whatever the mix is, but having that I think a lot of times we forget how awesome we are, you know, and we forget how much we really got done.

The other thing with it, too, is it lets you see what you actually accomplished. That was actually an intended goal. And what came out of surprise, like what manifested itself or what did you create? And because it’s okay to shift, it’s okay to get different goals to come in or for the week to kind of flow in its own way. The point is in doing this without judgment, but just capturing that time that essence because truly, especially if you’re a mom, but in general, like, how often do we really celebrate ourselves? Right?

Like you could have just done, you completed whatever your project was, if you think of anything you’ve done over the last week, when did you actually celebrate yourself? Right from what you did? And I’m not talking about if you’re thinking, Oh, millennials, you know, the trophies and all that kind of stuff. It’s more, it’s a habit building. It’s an appreciation of self. It’s just having grace and just being like, You know what? I did that, you know, and it just, it brings new energy for you.

It makes things more possible. And then hey, guess what, if you start doing this wind thing that I’m talking about and capturing those after a few months- when you look back, maybe it’s been a year, you look back and guess what you have all this evidence Of how amazing you are, you know, and maybe you knew that already, maybe you didn’t even realize what was really actually possible.

I know that I’m sharing this and we’re in the middle still of like everything happening with COVID. There’s a lot of uncertainty still and a lot more to be determined, right? But what better time than now to remind yourself of how resilient you are, how resourceful you are, how creative like we’ve had to get real, real creative with everything going on. So I just wanted to come in and just share this with you because it’s made such a difference for me and it came on one of my sessions today it came up and so wanted to share that with you.

Hopefully, that can serve you again, especially if you’re a mom. We’re always so fast-paced and what’s next who needs us? what has to be done, right like the laundry pile that’s kind of like a national monument in our home. That has to be done, but appreciating yourself, especially when maybe you don’t feel seen. Maybe you don’t feel all the validations that you’re wanting or that you didn’t even know that you were wanting or needing, having this time to not just be grateful. But to truly look at the winds, you’ve had the little ones, the huge ones, all of them are the same. It’s going to start building you up and giving you new energy.

So on that note, Happy Wednesday. Hey, it’s almost Thursday. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. And again, I hope that this serves you. I will add the blog post for tonight once I finish writing it and on this journey that I’m on thank you for sharing it with me.

If you want to check out the last blog that I’ve been doing every day, go to mommy on the front burner calm. That’s M-O-M-M-E on the front burner dot com. and good night.

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