It's Time To Take Yourself Off The Back-Burner, Mama.

Limited-time *founding member* offer: Lowest price with the most benefits, ever.

More Than U Members Club is a membership community for moms that want to rediscover themselves and lead from their personal power… amidst the evolutions of motherhood and being More Than A Parent. 

Join this monthly Members Club and rediscover yourself with a deeper connection to who you are as an individual, not just as a mom. More Then U is a safe space to be supported throughout the year with personal development, group coaching, and community.

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In this video:

  • What you get

  • Founder-Only Benefits

  • All-Member Benefits

What You Get:

  • Deeper connection to who you are as an individual, not just as a mom. Plus, connection to other moms who "get it" and going through it right alongside you. 
  • A safe space to be supported as well as championed, challenged, and celebrated. To have real talks on the not-so-awesome parts and work on making our dreams a reality, too.
  • New things, thoughts, and tools to try on each month. 
  • Empowering mindset and mindfulness practices to help you realize your personal and professional goals.

Each month's theme is split into snackable-sized weekly content. 
We know #momlife means your time and attention are hot commodities.

More Than U Founder and Professional Coach, Caz Gaddis

  • Week 1: Masterclass. Topics range from energy leadership, high performance and productivity, mindset, mindfulness, etc. - with the lens of being a mom and More Than U can yet imagine.
  • Week 2: Resource. Like a playbook, printable, meditation, or mindful practice.
  • Week 3: Explore. An activity, quest, or challenge themed on the month’s focus.
  • Week 4: Experience. Monthly Live group experience- a womens circle, group coaching call, or Laughter Yoga session.

The More Than U Members Club Success Path

Your experience with and success in the Members Club has been intentionally crafted with you in mind.

The More Than U success path is cyclical and was created to simulate a spiral staircase (birds-eye view)- because sometimes as moms, we may feel like we are going in circles- yet we might be climbing *up*.

We encourage you to look at it as elevations, or levels, in an upwards spiral. Like a next-level of self or an uplevel. Our goal is to equip you with tools, resources, and community that empower you to experience more of what you want, more often, while getting you through those harder MOMents with more ease.

These Success Path stages are unique to the More Than U Members Club design. The video above explains these more and you can download the detailed More Than U Success Path, here.

Like a spiral staircase we'll escalate through these stages in a cyclical Success Path:

  1. MOMent: Feels Disconnected, Drained, Anxious, Stuck 
  2. M’brace: Feel Self-Aware and Supported
  3. Mamaste: Feel Present, Trust, Peace, Recentered.
  4. MomMe: Feel Confident, Resilient, Connected to Self
  5. M’power: Feel Empowered, Impact, Fully-Expressed

Let's Take You Off The Back-Burner.  

You are More Than A Parent and deserve  a life where you feel connected to yourself, confident,  fully-expressed, and empowered to live the life that wants to be lived through you. 

The Members Club experience is crafted to support moms as we ebb and flow through life’s demands and the seasons of motherhood, while rebirthing ourselves as individuals.

Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

Just $517 a year as a founding member. 
(Special offer pricing + perks end in July!)