What if it COULD feel like a walk in the park?

If you are local to the North Dallas area you can now book a
Walk In The Park Coaching session with Caz one-on-one!

What is A Walk In The Park?

It's a literal Walk In The Park with Caz Gaddis, a professional coach / business consultant. So whether you need a breath of fresh air in your life, towards a transition season you are in, or in your business -- this will support you!

Sometimes we just need to fully disconnect from our physical environment or step away from our busy life to really look at things and BREATHE.

Through movement, the mind is able to express it's thoughts and the heart is able to explore, connect, and heal.

It's also a way to boost the feel-good hormones to spark creativity, problem solving, and refresh ourselves... without having to travel to a retreat for a week away (though I host those too this can be similarly transformative and a powerful pause from the everyday (or everyday thought pattern)).

Choose Your Path

Come for perspective. Walk away with peace and inspired action.

Sessions range - you get to choose based on your intentions and needs. 

 "Step" Session Walk  is 25-minutes. $97 Investment.

 "Stroll" Session Walk  is 55-minutes. $180 Investment.

 "Stride" Session Walk  is 85-minutes. $275 Investment.

Benefits of Walking This Way

What you benefit and experience from a Walk In The Park all depends on your intention and energy the day of the session.

I will check-in with you on your pre-session form (from booking) to see if your intention and any topic(s) you want to cover still feel relevant or if anything else wants space to be explored together. πŸ™Œ I got you!

You'll experience a mix of:

βœ…  A safe space to express yourself

βœ…  A professional sound board (Caz) to coach you through and share observations

βœ…  Refreshed perspective

βœ…  Actionable insights for your next-steps (resources, reccomendations to try)

βœ…  Creative problem-solving

βœ…  Strategic brainstorming

βœ… Holistic business strategies, aligned to *both* your business and the YOU-side of your business πŸ˜‰

βœ… And all the goodness from grounding in nature, fresh air and energy!

You'll receive:

πŸ—ΊοΈ A Holistic Adventure Guide created by Caz, designed for your session! In it you'll have some optional explorations, session reminders, and day-of details

πŸ’œ A full coaching session (or consulting mix; depends on your intentions and our in-the-moment session) -- and the unique benefits to what you wanted, maybe even something you didn't expect, too!

🎧   Professional recording of our session through your own private podcast - How cool, right?! (Within 3 business days)

✨ The after-glow of loving on your full mental wellness, personally and professionally

πŸ‘Ÿ Plus, added steps to your daily step count! #winning

How It Works

A Walk In The Park is a coaching/consulting session at a local North Texas park.
It's the breath of fresh air you may not have even realized you (or your business) needed!


Click to Book your session type and date/time. Make your payment.


Fill out the rest of the booking form (10 questions total) so that I can best prepare for you!


Please note, our service agreement, is also part of the booking process.


After Booking: 

  • You'll get confirmation email and a calendar invite for our coaching session (so check your email right after you schedule and make sure to add it to your calendar). 

Before our Walking Session:

  • I will send a "Walk In The Park Trail Guide" with a bit more details in preparation of our session and some additional resources for you!
  • You'll also get a handful of session reminders via email and SMS. 

After our Walking Session:

  • You'll receive an invitation to your very own private podcast with our session's recording in it! (Don't worry this is confidential and only shared with you directly. Some of the best ah-ha's come from relistening and 'hearing' something new!)
  • If you book more sessions in the future - this will turn into a super valuable vault of insights (and steps taken - there's totally a mom joke in that...)


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