This is a One-Month Coaching Package for unlimited support
through Voxer, a mobile text and voice messaging app.

Imagine putting yourself on the front burner.

What if you can be an AWEmazing mom AND be your own person,
with your own identity + interests?

You may be thinking:

“Is it possible to do something for myself and not feel like I've lost myself completely?”

“I have ideas about what I want but I’m not sure how to make it work with the kid’s needs and partner’s schedule.”

“I want to explore ways to use my brain again- outside of parenting.” 

“I don't want to wait _#_  years go by until they are in school to figure this out.”

“I feel stuck in having chosen to become a mom. Now I feel like this is the choice I made and one I now have to live out.”

“I got to figure out who I actually am now or find a way back to that girl that liked how she felt and knew what she wanted for herself.”

“I feel like there’s just something inside that’s missing and I don’t know how to get it back.”

But, then...

“I feel all over the place / overwhelmed / exhausted / anxious / disconnected.” 

“I start to feel guilty whenever I try to do something for myself or by myself.”

“I am dreading what others would say or think if I’m doing/not doing x, y, z” - as you do your own thing outside of being a parent.

You wonder, “How am I going to do this and still be a mom?”

I get it.

I've been there and you are not crazy (not more than the normal crazy, lol)

You can still take imperfect yet perfect-for-you action towards who you want to be.

You deserve to be happy and to feel whole. 

As moms, we deserve to be LIT UP by who we get to become and the impact we can make -- outside of being a parent.

We are More Than A Parent. And, you DON'T have to go on this journey alone. You. Are. Not. Alone. 


This is your chance to get private 1-to-1 coaching, encouragement, feedback, and accountability on your own time. Kinda like Marvin Gaye sang, “If you need me Vox me, no matter where you are.” Ok, Marvin doesn't say it exactly like that, but it's how I would say it and dedicate it to you!


  • This monthly coaching package can be a one-time or recurring service.
  • I will be available to you through Voxer, a free personal messaging and walkie-talkie app, Mondays through Fridays.
  • You can send me voice messages and texts to share ideas, accountability check-ins, ask questions, get feedback, and vent to get coaching support. 
  • You get to reach out "on your own time"; as often as you’d like and whenever you need support. 
  • I will respond back within 24 hours on weekdays.
  • Voxer works on iOS and Android devices as listed here on their website.
  • This is valued at $1,188+ (as if we met once weekly for a month) *YET* you get access to me ALL WEEK LONG, not just one-time.
  • Monthly investment is just $297 OR,
  • $250 as a member of the More Than U Members Club (save $47 each month when you bundle)
***This is an introductory rate. It will increase in the future.


  • One month of unlimited access to me for coaching support, accountability, feedback and strategy via Voxer.
  • Customized coaching for where you are. 
  • Resources and tools for who you want to become.


This is for any busy mom (especially those with littles) that wants to rediscover herself and step into her personal power-- as an individual.
She wants support and accountability as she puts herself ‘on the front burner’.
She knows she deserves to prioritize herself and needs help to finally do it.

Finding time in the week to schedule a solid hour or 90-minute coaching session is a challenge in this season of motherhood and life?
Then an at-your-pace and when you need it coaching option is just the thing to support you.

What if I told you, “You can have your kids AND live (your best) life, too!”

It’s possible. And, it’s possible for you.

You may want to:

  • Find more joy and fulfillment in your current life as it is
  • Position yourself for greater success at work
  • Go back to school
  • Rediscover who you are now after having had a kid or three
  • Start or restart a business
  • Get accountability that helps you reach your current goals
  • Figure out what you actually want next
  • "BE LESS _fill in the blank_" (i.e. anxious, confused, stuck, impatient, overwhelmed, standing in my own way)
  • "BE MORE _fill in the blank_" (i.e. happy, confident, present, intentional, mindful, self-aware, consistent, self-disciplined, mentally strong) 
  • Whatever it is, let's explore it together.


I am a mom of two kiddos (both under three) and I have been there.
At times, I still visit "there" as a work from home mom working my business full-time-ish as I raise my kiddos full-time, too.
I get what it’s like to get lost in the land of mom-ing.

I also have gone through tons of personal development that has allowed me to be who I am today.
This is a journey but we don’t have to go it alone, mama. 

My background as a Certified Professional Coach in core energy leadership, life purpose, and life transitions-
plus tools I’ve accessed along the way, are here to help you to: 

“Have your kids and live (your best) life, too!”

Stop putting yourself on hold.

Reconnect to yourself &. Rediscover what you really want.

Get unstuck. Get clarity and take action.

Have questions? Let’s chat- book a discovery call.

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